Monday, April 24, 2017
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2012 SAPWT Stop 1 Report

On the weekend of the 3th – 5th of February the emerald casino and resort hosted the first South African wakeboard pro tour stop of the season.  Friday saw registration and practice take place as all riders with intention to enter the competition rocked up to take their turn behind the Malibu MXZ supplied by Boating international.

The general opinion from the riders was that the wake was a clean, big, and consistent, exactly what is required for events like this.

Saturday saw the event kick off with a new format, Pro Men, Junior Men and Wakeskate were the only divisions riding that day and rode qualifying rounds in the morning and finals in the evening, making the day a little more action packed for the spectators that lined the bank.

Wakeskaters were first of the dock in qualifying rounds to see who would have a seat in finals. The conditions were glassy and perfect allowing 4 Wakeskaters to seed through to the finals with the rest having to battle it out in the last chance qualifiers later that day.  Next up was the junior men division with some promising riding from the guys, with most passes including at least one invert and flowing wake tricks.  Again 4 riders advanced straight to finals later that day with the others given a last chance at lcq’s. Open ladies where next to hit the water shredding the clean Malibu wake, with clean passes.The Pro men division was up next with two internationals taking part, Massimiliano Piffaretti (Italy) and Paul Johnston (Ireland) ensuring some heated competition.  The heats went well with Clayton Krause, Shaun Faccio, Massimiliano Piffaretti and Dylan Mitchell seeding straight into finals and Paul Johnston and Devon Nassif  making it through Lcq’s and gaining their ticket to the finals.

Wakeskate finals where heated with Caleb Louw ,  Craig Eygenberger, Dale Nieuwstad, Dylan Mitchell, Bryan Loggenberg and Matty Buys making finals. Bryan Loggenberg showed his skill as a strong wake rider sticking both heelside and toeside wake to wake frontside 180’s but unfortunately going down on a backside wake 2 wake 180 earning him a 3rd on the podium in the open wakeskate division. Dylan Mitchell managed to secure a second place after Matty buys after sticking two wake to wake 180’s , a 3 shuv, a kickflip and a frontside bigspin. Matt buys didn’t hold back, stomping a huge switched 360 in his pass, a switched kickflip, switched and regular frontside bigspins and a backside bigspin to secure him an overall 1st place in the open wakeskate division.

Junior men saw a final of six battle it out with an array of inverts.  Leighten  Barnard took first with his high intensity tricks and overall clean execution. Kai Brockman came away with a second after a pass which had high intensity but just ended up going down on a tantrum. Shane Webster claimed third to round up the podium for junior men.

The ladies division saw Mary Ann Pepler take 3rd with a solid pas that put the pressure on with a score of 32. Bryanna Motepe managed to up that sticking a wake to wake 180 in her pass to achieve a final score of 40.  Courtney Scholtz from PE took top honors with a final score of 41, from a run, which included a toeside 180 and some steezy grabs. Courtney also managed to claim the Chad award for the weekend. A prestigious award given to the rider that has the worst fall of the weekend.

Pro men was a very heated comp with everyone atleast having 2-3 mobes in their pass. Shaun Faccio secured a 3rd position with high intensity mobes such as a front mobe, pete rose and a whirly bird. Dylan Mitchell managed to claim another 2nd place for the day, sticking a variety of mobes which included a kgb, moby dick and crowmobe as well as a big worm, but unfortunately going down on a  heelside 720 and a toeside 900. Allowing the young international, Massimiliano Piffaretti to claim top spot with a flawless run that included two 720’s, a tail grabbed whirly bird, a kgb and a front mobe.
and so Saturday was tied p with a prize giving.

On the cards for Sunday were the masters , open men, novice and trolls  divisions.

Masters were out on the water showing they could still rip it, Jonathan Joseph claimed top spot with a run that included a whirly and a 540.  2nd was Justin Selby with a score of 45 and a run that scored high in overall intensity but didn’t quite live up to Jonathan’s composition.  Taking 3rd was Darryn Ridgeway who managed a clean decent pass.

Cameron Graham took third in the open men division with a nice clean, steezy pass that was just lacking a slight bit in the technical department for him to take on Craig Eygenberger and Brendon Tucker who took 2nd and 3rd respectively. Craig’s execution and intensity saw him (attain) a final score of 50. Brendan tucker dominated his pass, only falling toward the end on a whirlybird but otherwise scoring well in all departments: intensity, composition and execution. The high end of his run being a flawless s-bend.

Byron Brett ended up 3rd in the novice division, with Eland Bands taking 2nd and
Travis Pienaar 1st.

the first ever trolls division was opened to accommodate for 4 Groms  which is awesome, for the sport. Olivia Van Rooyen  took first, with siblings, Wesely Paniano and sister Tanika Paniano taking second and third respectively.

A big shout out to all the sponsors who helped put this event together: Monster Energy for fueling the event, Emerald Casino and Resort, Boating International for supplying  the Malibu MXZ and Amped distributors.


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